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How We Can Help

Our team is passionate about executing extraordinary work and can handle all of your content and film production needs.

We believe that the right combination of uniquely qualified filmmakers, high-quality equipment, and inspired creativity produces the best quality films in the industry.

Founded in 2010, Myers Media takes a customer-centric approach to the process of script-to-screen content creation, meaning we want our clients to feel that their voice and vision is made priority throughout the filmmaking process

Our  Process 


We'll determine how to reach your target audience, talk over your budget, vision, and goals for this project, and decide how best to drive SEO (search engine optimization) for the best online exposure possible.


With an established concept, we turn to scripwriting, which can be completed by your staff (utilizing guidelines and our help) or by a professional writer. 

With a readied script, we create a rough sketch of the shots to capture during the production phase, allowing us to develop the feel and flow of the story.


Do you want to take your production off site, or hire trained actors? If so, we are ready to scout great locations and hire talent we know and trust.


Let the fun begin! In production, the concepts, ideas, storyboards, and dialogue come to life using our full lineup of HD production cameras, some of the fastest lenses on the market, the newest technology of LED cinema lighting, professional sound equipment, and a trained crew.


Using the top of the line SSD FCPX editing systems, we bring cohesiveness to the storyline through music, graphics, style, structure, and composition. 

Utilizing vast music libraries, voice over talent, and motion graphics/animation (both in house and outsourced), we create a finished production that will exceed your expectations.

Then we help you distribute it on social media, platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, and T.V. commercials. 



"I have used Myers Video Production for numerous projects from business to personal and I have always received AMAZING results."

Owner, My Fitness Studio LLC

"Mike and his team did a great job with working with Heritage 1865. We loved working with them and had awesome turnout with our pictures and video."

Abby Reed, Heritage 1865


We'd love to hear from you

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