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Myers Video Production had the pleasure of shooting various time-lapses showcasing beautiful local Arizonian attractions to promote a new season for the Arizona Cardinals. The photography team captured locations such as Horse Shoe Loop, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Downtown Phoenix and Antelope Canyon. We included the iconic Cardinals helmet and football— positioning them carefully between sun-soaked shots of various landscapes and rocky outcrops.


The shoots were mostly planned around lighting conditions. The team wanted to capture the very best the locations had to offer by shooting during the golden hours of dusk and dawn. They used long lenses to capture the detail of the city, while wider lenses were used to display the expansive deserts and deep canyons.


The final video is an epic ode to Arizona and its homegrown team.

Time-lapses are a unique way to promote your business or product. If you looking for time-lapse photography or video production in general, Myers Video Production will provide a professional service to enhance any business.

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