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Business Media | Will video help grow my business?

As a small video production business we understand the concept of using your marketing dollars to get the most effective results. Two questions I often get from small business owners are-

“Will video help grow my business.”

“Will it bring more people to my site?”

Rightfully so these are very important questions when selecting how to spend your hard earned money on marketing. The short answer to these questions is yes. Website video marketing can help your site in three main ways:

  • SEO. (Get Them There)

  • Visual Appeal. (Grab Their Attention)

  • Customer Engagement. (Create New Customers)

SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is how google is deciding if your page has valuable content it wants to put on the first page or if it is lacking sustenance and should be placed on page 1,354 when a customer searches for your service. Simply put, Google likes video on your site, it tells Google that you have a visual for the person to watch. Better yet, if you work with Myers Video Production, we provide CC. This allows for Google to understand all of the words said in your video and adds that additional wording to help Google understand why your business should be shown to more customers. Another aspect is that we upload your video to the two main video services, which can link people back to your site from YouTube or Vimeo.

Visual Appeal. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Studies are now showing that you have less than a second to make your first impression when meeting someone. The same goes for your business website- people need to be drawn in by professional visuals before you have been judged as boring, insufficient, unprofessional, lacking content, and so forth. People need to SEE what you want to tell them. Studies show that 80% of people will watch a video or look at photos on a website to gain their information where as only 20% of people will read the content.

Customer Engagement. Customers want to feel a connection to your business.

The bottom line is that people are searching for you service. Potential customers are going to find your site through Google, or a lead that you worked hard to create, and when they go to your website you have one chance to grab their attention and show them why you are their best choice.




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