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How We Bring Your Project to Life



In this phase, we organize a meeting to learn about your story, target audience, goals, challenges, and time frame for completion of the project. We will also research your company’s brand, color schemes, market, products, and decide how we can best share your story, which includes creating concepts/ideas. 


Regardless of the size of a client’s budget, we want every production to be excellent. With your budget in mind, we will submit a proposal to move forward.


Once we have established the concept and budget, we then create the dialogue for production, which can be completed by your staff (utilizing guidelines and our help) or by a professional writer. Either way, we want it to align with your company's values. 

Storyboarding, Casting, Location Scouting:

With a readied script, we then create a rough sketch of the shots to capture during the production phase, allowing us to develop the feel and flow of the story. Do you want to take your production off sight, or hire trained actors? If so, we are ready to scout great locations and hire talent we know and trust.



Let the fun begin! In production, the concepts, ideas, storyboards, and dialogue come to life using our full lineup of HD production cameras, some of the fastest lenses on the market, the newest technology of LED cinema lighting, professional sound equipment, and a trained crew.



We have top of the line SSD FCPX editing systems to handle the workflow that is necessary for each project.

This phase brings cohesiveness to the storyline through music, graphics, style, structure, and composition. 

Music is a huge factor in creating the mood. Working within your budget, we choose from a wide range of music libraries. 

Voice over is extremely important too because it represents your business. This is why we do not just record ourselves, but present you with multiple professional voice talents to provide the best option.


Motion Graphics and Animation

We produce your business media nameplates and basic graphics in house and work with some amazing motion graphics professionals to bring the more complicated graphics to your production. 


We have created your audience attention grabbing media, now lets share it on social media, distribution platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, and T.V. commercials. Most importantly, we want to improve your website’s SEO and make customers feel a connection to your story, business, or new product. Why SEO? Because it allows search engines to understand why your content is valuable to users and gains your company better exposure. This will all be planned out in our discovery phase and then carried out here.

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