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Trilogy Rio Verde: Golf Course Showcase

Myers Video Production spent two early Arizona mornings out at the brand new Trilogy Golf Course out at Rio Verde. After construction was complete, Trilogy wanted us to showcase the beauty of the new course for potential golfers. Taking the drone and Sony 4K cameras, the team spent the first hour or so capturing the sunrise peaking over the mountain tops surrounding the greens.


After that, we continued exploring the on a golf cart kindly loaned to us by Trilogy. Using the drone, the team was able to capture a unique perspective of what it may look like from a golf ball's point of view as it is traveling down the green. In editing, we were able to speed ramp the original footage to make sure we showcased the entire hole in a consistent amount of time.

The final product is a great introduction for potential golfers who are looking for an impressive Arizona course to golf on. If you looking to promote your own business, event or location, Myers Video Production can create a professional marketing video tailor-made specifically for you or your company.

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