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Why Us?



Wow, I had forgotten about so many of those small moments. The day was such a blur to me. You captured it so perfectly, so I can remember it forever."


These were the words a bride said to me after watching the video I created for her wedding a few years ago, and I think they sum up perfectly why wedding cinematography is essential to a wedding.


Although the video doesn’t always feel as important as the other details (picking out the dress, caterer, etc.), the truth is, the video is what locks all of these other aspects into a bride and groom’s memory forever.  


Professional videos can capture the details of the day in such a way that cannot live on in a photograph, or memory. 


Why Hire Myers Video Production?


       You have spent years of your life dreaming about your wedding day, and countless months planning and putting all of the details together.


Weddings are exciting, and your video should show that!


We specialize in not only capturing footage of your wedding event, but also telling your story.


Simply capturing your event is not enough; we want to produce content that effectively communicates your story in a format that allows you to share it with all of your friends and family. This is why we primarily focus on editing 3-5 minute movie trailer highlights, and 10-20 minute documentaries, that are enjoyable to watch.


We have top of the line film equipment that can produce movie quality video and sound. We spend hours looking through your wedding day footage to narrow down the most tender, beautiful moments that tell your story. 


Bride and grooms, along with their family and friends, all love watching these videos because they are the perfect summation of the best moments of their big day. Please take a look through our collection of wedding videos and let us know how we can be of service to you.




We would love the privilege of being considered for your wedding! We know there are other wedding video teams out there, which is why we offer free, low-pressure introductory meetings so that we can sit with you and hear what you are looking for in your wedding video.


This gives us an opportunity to meet you, give you more information on how we can be of service to you, and let you decide if we are the right fit. We’re not sales people, we are storytellers equipped with a passion for cinematography.

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