About Myers Video Production LLC

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Mike Myers- Killer-shots

Mike Myers has worked on projects all over the world. As a DP, and Commercial Photographer Mike can take clients ideas and bring them to a final product. Mike Myers started MVP back in 2010 after graduating H.S. and grew the business after graduating film school from GCU in 2014. Mike excels at 2 things- taking client's ideas and delivering a beautiful finished product and ping pong. 

Cody Carlson- AKA Color Master

Cody Carlson is a very talented cinematographer and editor. He was also a GCU grad in the Digital Film Program and brings a lot of creativity to each project. Cody is our in house color master who fine tunes each projects color before it goes out to clients. If you dont know Cody by his amazing film work you probably know him for his world famous dad jokes. 


Steven Cortez- Audio Genius

While our small but talented team all shoot and edit, Steve is our resident audio master. With years of experience with onset audio, and studio recording Steve makes sure each video comes out with crystal clear audio. Steve is also an avid cyclist who you will frequently see riding up and down south mountain for "fun".